17 Times That ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Was Total Boyfriend Material

Anyone would be blessed to call this beautiful soul theirs.

Seonghwa, as the oldest member of ATEEZ, has naturally taken on a protective and supportive role in the group, especially to their hard-working leader Hongjoong who has a habit of not taking care of himself. The role seems to come naturally to Seonghwa, and it’s clear that he’s as beautiful of a person on the inside as he is on the outside. Here are 17 times that he proved he would be absolutely perfect boyfriend material for anyone lucky enough to be his partner!

1. He would look so handsome and chic even on a simple coffee date.


2. Literal model boyfriend.


3. He’s not afraid to show his soft, sweet, emotional side.


4. You know he would take you anywhere you wanted to go, as long as you were together.


5. He would make sure you’re never hungry!


6. It’s easy to picture him taking his iconic mirror selcas with a special someone.


7. He rocks the casual high school boyfriend vibe.


8. A simple date to the park would be nothing short of incredible with this sweet soul.


9. Even doing something like homework or paperwork wouldn’t be boring with him around to give support.


10. He makes it so easy to imagine this kind of scenario with him.

11. He never hesitates to go out of his way to help someone in need, even strangers.

12. He’s so naturally protective, you would never have to worry about your safety when he’s around.

13. He looks like literal Prince Charming, and would no doubt never fail to bring you flowers.


14. This seems 100% true.

15. This multi-talented man could serenade you or rap about his love.

16. He may seem intimidatingly beautiful at times, but he’s still just a soft, sweet, adorable, starry-eyed guy.

17. He’s so full of love and joy and gets excited over the smallest things, you would never be unhappy when this precious sweetheart is around!


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