15+ Times Wooyoung Proved Himself To Be The “Sexy Performer” Of ATEEZ

Just try not to get chills at #8.

While we recently shared media about ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung that was soft and sweet to make you feel better on a bad day, the visual and main dancer of the group has another side to him as well. As the self-proclaimed “sexy performer” of the group, he has a pretty big title to live up to, but he does so successfully with seemingly flawless ease!


Besides being physically attractive, Wooyoung’s confidence is incredible as well, and he has so many talents that make him all the more appealing. Here are 15+ posts to show just how accurate of a title “sexy performer” is for Wooyoung!

1. We stan a confident king that knows how to move his body beautifully.

2. He really knows how to make fans swoon.

3. Even the other members egg him on to show himself off!

4. His confidence alone just adds that much more appeal to his already appealing appearance!

5. He’s a visual of ATEEZ for a reason (or rather, many reasons).

6. It just comes naturally to him.

7. This part of the “Fireworks (I’m The One)” choreography is undeniably mesmerizing.

8. His whispering vocals will give you chills.

9. The other ATEEZ members are taking notes!

10. Never forget this iconic performance.

11. He really came for us in this outfit and performance.

12. MBTI doesn’t lie!

13. He’s even literally physically hot!

14. Such a gorgeous ending fairy!

15. Oh, he knows. He knows.

16. He looks stunning in any hair color.

17. Seeing how much he has improved the last few years is incredible.

18. Above all else, though, being sexy is just one of his many wonderful qualities!

ATINYs just can’t get enough of this cool and confident guy!