Let’s “Celebrate” ATEEZ’s Yunho’s Birthday With These 20 Adorable Baby Vs. Now Pictures

“For being born and living as you, we celebrate, we celebrate for you!”

On March 23, 1999, a future star was born. Today marks the 22nd birthday of ATEEZ‘s handsome gentle giant, incredible dance king, and lovely deep-voiced vocalist, Yunho! In order to celebrate this wonderful man and all of his accomplishments, here’s a look back at some adorable baby pictures as well as some recent pictures that prove he’s just as precious now as he was back then!

1. Just look at those cute squishy cheeks!

2. He makes such a handsome Gryffindor now!


3. The oversized hat makes him look even more adorable.

4. Today, he looks absolutely stunning in a nice suit.


5. That little button nose is impossible not to squeal over.

6. His visuals are as refreshing as lemonade on a hot summer day.

7. It looks like he was always ready to go on an oceanic adventure!

8. And today, he’s one of ATINY’s “treasures”.

9. You have to wonder what made him so excited here!

10. And today, he acts as a solid and comforting presence for ATEEZ’s fans.


11. It looks like his driving in “Fireworks (I’m The One)” wasn’t his first time behind the wheel!

12. He has so much love now for his fans.


13. It seems like that hat must have been a favorite of his!

14. He doesn’t need any makeup to be absolutely beautiful.


15. Who could get enough of seeing those sweet, soft eyes?

16. He still has those same eyes today that make him appear as gentle as he is handsome.


17. Behind the wheel, part 2!

18. There’s a reason he’s known as a “real-life teddy bear”!

19. Just look at this sweet-faced little star!

20. There’s no doubting that Yunho is just as precious and adorable today as he was back then!

We hope you have a birthday that’s just as wonderful as you!


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