If You’re An Avid K-Drama Watcher, Then You Definitely Know These Faces

And these supporting actors definitely do spice up the show.

All binge-worthy K-Dramas feature the hot male lead, the hot female lead — and the one other familiar face that you’ve seen in literally three other shows, minimum. The more you watch, the more you realize: many K-Drama producers prefer to cast these seasoned actors and actresses for their supporting roles. That is to say, these producers surely know that not only the strong lead roles, but also the strong supporting roles bring in loyal viewers. So, without further ado, here are 10 faces you know and love from all the K-Dramas you’ve watched in the past!

1. Kim Sun Young

Actress Kim Sun Young is often that nosy-but-caring lady in the neighborhood who will get all up in the lead role’s business, but also provide a tremendous amount of help when the lead role is in trouble.

2. Lee Kyung Young

K-Drama lovers know once actor Lee Kyung Young gets involved in it, whatever it is, 99% of the time, it will turn out to be a scam, a scandal, or some evil scheme in the making!

3. Kim Mi Kyung

Actress Kim Mi Kyung, whose name may sound unfamiliar but whose face is bound to be recognizable, has been a lead role’s “Mom” in many K-Dramas.

4. Oh Jung Se

Actor Oh Jung Se is, most of the time, that cheeky supporting character that keeps the humor going throughout the series. His comic portrayal of his characters often leave viewers falling in love with his presence in the series.

5. Lee El

Actress Lee El, with her stellar visual and physique, is often a versatile choice for K-Drama casting directors. Most often, she takes on the lead role’s friend position — though she can pull off both the good kind and the evil kind.

6. Lee Gyu Hyung

K-Drama producers, especially tvN producers, have found such charm in actor Lee Gyu Hyung that he has been featured on five of their shows. He brings veteran acting skills from his years in the theatrical acting — and that easily gets the viewers hooked.

7. Lee Jung Eun

Along with actress Kim Mi Kyung, actress Lee Jung Eun is also another popular “Mom” choice among K-Drama producers.

8. Kang Ki Young

Actor Kang Ki Young‘s face should immediately ring a bell, as he is constantly taking up roles as the lead character’s best friend or secretary or teammate of some sort. He is well known for his roles that are often humorous, lovable, and easily relatable.

9. Jung Eugene

This model-turned actress Jung Eugene, or Jung Yoo Jin in full Korean, has taken up several supporting female roles that always have a massive crush on the leading male role!

10. Park Hyuk Kwon

K-Drama watchers know this face, of actor Park Hyuk Kwon‘s, as one of the two things. He is either the most righteous man in the series trying to do the good thing, or he is the most shameless man trying to con his way out of trouble.