B1A4 May Disband After 7 Years Together.. But Here’s Why They Literally CANNOT

They’re just not allowed to, okay?!

B1A4 has reached the end of their 7-year contract with WM Entertainment and has decided to extend the contract until June to reconsider resigning. With talks of possibly disbanding, here are some reasons why they must not and cannot disband under any circumstance!


1. They know how to grab their audience’s attention.


2. Despite their fame and popularity, they still get super shy when they receive a compliment.


3. …But still know the way to a girl’s heart.


4. They know how to be silly.


5. …Sometimes maybe even a little too silly.


6. They also know how to be sexy.


7. …And, at times, cute!



8. They have excellent teamwork.


9. Their love for their fans is so adorable, especially this song that is dedicated to their BANA fans!


10. Finally, they’re simply great singers even when they’re not singing their own songs!



Source: Sports