“Better Than False Hope…” — Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To 2nd Generation Male Idol Claiming That A Group Reunion Will Be Difficult

Realistic vs. insensitive?

Actor Cha Sun Woo was once B1A4‘s Baro. He changed his stage name to his birthname once he left the company and group and switched career paths to acting. In a recent interview, he spilled the beans on his true thoughts about what B1A4 meant to him.

Cha Sun Woo still remembers B1A4 fondly, as it took some time for him to get used to being a solo artist.

When I moved companies at first, I felt the void very much. I spent my time with the members since I was young, and when you’re with someone, you don’t know how precious they are. When I began standing on my own and being apart from them, I missed them, and I also felt overwhelmed, but I could only get through it alone.

— Cha Sun Woo

Cha Sun Woo recently. | Star News

On the other hand, the interviewer also asked him for his thoughts on a possible reunion. The answer was negative for him but for very reasonable reasons.

Everyone is actively promoting, be it in acting or even in musicals. I have talked about a reunion with the members, but ultimately, I think the answer that we can give you is that we don’t know. Practically speaking, we don’t know when that will be. Although we could progress on passion alone in the past, moving into my 30s, as the head of my family, I have my own plans, and the members all have their own plans too. Although it would be good to bring forward a time if we all can match our timings, we still don’t know. Even so, all of us feel the same about the group and will be that way forever.

— Cha Sun Woo

Despite sharing his honest and raw feelings with the public, it seems like fans are on the fence. Some feel that his practical answer is “better than false hope,” while others still resent him for leaving the group in the first place. Furthermore, B1A4 is still considered not yet disbanded, as three members are still active and signed to the company. Fans consider the “reunion” a rude term when the group has not disbanded despite two members leaving.

| theqoo
  • So many are saying that he left after completing the contractual period so technically he can say all of this but he really can’t. This question is one that can easily be passed on. Celebrities don’t have to answer every single question posed to them and didn’t he learn to avoid sensitive questions? Hopeless.
  • I’m a BANA, and the ones who left should just shut up and live quietly…
  • I thought he looked familiar and it’s Baro, I see.
  • I don’t feel anything about such articles anymore… I hope he is able to meet a good piece of work.
  • What reunion? He left the group. After those two left, B1A4 just became three. What reunion… I’ve been a fan since debut and this annoys me.

Despite the sentiment from some sensitive fans, others are happy to note that the members still are in good terms and still keep in touch with each other, according to the interview.

Source: StarNews Korea and theqoo