B1A4’s Gongchan Becomes The Next Idol To Star In A BL K-Drama

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Webtoon Unintentional Love Story will soon be made into a web drama, and it has found its stars. B1A4‘s Gongchan and rookie actor Cha Seo Won will play the main leads.

Written by artist PB, Unintentional Love Story paints the picture of a couple that gets to know each other through a lie. Their relationship later blossoms into one of true love. Gongchan will play the role of Ji Won Young, while Cha Seo Won will play Yoon Tae Jun.

Ji Won Young is an employee in the general affairs team. He gets swept up in a corruption scandal and he is suspended wrongfully. In order to get his job back, he needs to win over the chairman. He finds out that the chairman’s favorite artist is actually Yoon Tae Jun and coincidentally crosses paths with him. Won Young sets out to convince Tae Jun to help him get his job back.

Cha Seo Won. | @leechan0415/Instagram
Gongchan. | @gongchanida/Instagram

Unintentional Love Story will air in the second half of 2022.

As the BL genre rises in popularity in South Korea, more idols are open to playing such roles. Gongchan is not the first idol to play a BL role, he joins the list of 10 idols that have starred in the cult genre. Read more about other idols who have acted in BL dramas below.

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Source: Herald Pop