Here Are 9 Ways To Wear Baggy Jeans Like A K-Pop Idol

Never forget the golden rule — Tip #3!

Goodbye uncomfortable skinny jeans — Hello wide-cut denim! K-Pop idols are rocking the baggy jeans trend lately and it’s just too cool not to try for yourself. Here are some fashion tips according to some of your favorite idols’ personal styles that will help you rock the trend!

1. Make a high teen fashion statement.

Like BLACKPINK’s Jennie, baggy jeans don’t need to be drab. A girly tank top with some classic heels and a tiny bag will do the trick.

For a more casual version, swap the heels for some sneakers and rock your favorite basic shirt or blouse.

2. Try different styles.

Red Velvet’s Joy wears similar outfits with different vibes depending on the style of jeans she picks. Big rips and an animal print top gives her an overall edgy aura.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

However, the same outfit can have a sweet vibe when swapped for medium wash jeans and a colorful striped top — and she didn’t even have to change her shoes!

3. Keep it comfy.

So long to the days of reaching over a tight pair of jeans for some sweatpants. Now you get the best of both worlds like BLACKPINK’s Rosé when you pair it with a cozy cardigan.

Always make sure to look for less structured denim for maximum comfort!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

4. It’s all in the accessories.

TWICE’s Momo levels up her light wash high-waisted denim with a summery bucket hat and crossbody purse.

Similarly, shoes can make all the difference as well. These heeled booties work flawlessly with bootcut jeans.

5. Try a polished look.

GFRIEND’s SinB tucks a shirt into her jeans and layers with a turquoise jacket for some structure.

Additionally, using a belt can add more pizazz to your outfit (and cinch your pants to your waist!).

6. Don’t underestimate the power of a t-shirt.

Sometimes, you don’t need a ton of accessories to create a killer outfit. Like BLACKPINK’s Lisa, all you might need is an interesting graphic tee.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

A cute cropped t-shirt in a neon color also creates an interesting dynamic and gives your look a bit of an old-school vibe.

7. Mix it up.

Taeyeon definitely doesn’t follow a set style when creating an outfit. She’ll wear a knotted t-shirt with some ripped jeans and sneakers…

…and she’ll also pair it with some white booties and a long structured jacket. The possibilities are endless!

8. Get funky.

Try cuffing up your jeans like Hyuna and rocking some gorgeous heels to show off your pedicure.

Sandals work just as well and make the look a bit more casual.

9. Take advantage of different washes.

Denim comes in many different forms — and the choice is yours! This black acid wash look is perfect for Sunmi‘s style.

These textured jeans also create a similar cool vibe and totally deviate from the norm.