BamBam Announced iGOT7 Are Going On World Tour Too… Here Are 7 Best Tweet Reactions

BamBam is extra, but so are Ahgases!

On April Fools’ Day, GOT7‘s BamBam posted a solo world tour announcement for himself on social media, almost tricking Ahgases.

After BamBam confirmed that it was indeed a prank, his fellow GOT7 members, Jinyoung and Jay B (JB) followed the solo world tour announcement trend. They posted BamBam-made edits for their own solo world tours on their Instagram accounts.

| @jinyoung_0922jy/Instagram and

Best yet, BamBam posted another world tour announcement for none other than their fandom, iGOT7 (also known as Ahgase).

| @bambam1a/Instagram

We stan an extra king so you know we gotta match the energy by being even more extra. Here are seven of the best iGOT7 tweets reactions to their own world tour announcement:

1. GOT7 continually pranking Ahgase like…

2. Ahgase even made their own advertisements and posters for the iGOT7 World Tour

3. Of course, we need a ticket too

4. Sneak peek at rehearsals…

5. We don’t deserve BamBam

6. Next world tour better be GOT7’s pets

7. Wow! All the shows sold out

Source: @bambam1a