Zaddy Bang: 15+ Of The Funniest Comments On Bang Si Hyuk’s Instagram

Hitman Bang is getting hit on. A lot.

HYBE founder, Bang Si Hyuk (also known as Bang PD and Hitman Bang) has made his Instagram debut, following in BTS‘s footsteps. Unlike BTS, however, Bang Si Hyuk’s comment section is wide open on his first post, a photo of himself with Ithaca Holdings‘ Scooter Braun.

Fans are taking this golden opportunity to flood Bang Si Hyuk’s ‘gram with love and humor. Here are 15+ of the funniest comments so far!

1. This blast from the past

2. If you can’t marry your bias, marry his boss

3. This pick-up line

4. Somebody call Dispatch

5. Sweetening the deal like:

6. ARMY’s DMs are open 24/7

7. We just want to join the chat.

8. The collaboration we didn’t know we needed.

9. HYYH stans are everywhere…and they want closure.

10. We need allowance money, please and thank you…

11. Suga’s comments are closed, so…

12. UK ARMY is all business.

13. Armenian BLINK? Not so much!

14. Will he give his blessing?

15. Welcome to the family!

16. Now, hold on a minute!

17. Yes, “Zaddy Bang” has arrived