Here Are 10+ Beautiful And Inspirational Minimalist Tattoos Inspired By BTS

These tattoos are both creative and symbolic!

Tattoos are not just beautiful and creative art. Many persons get tattoos for a special meaning as they hold great significance and symbolism behind them. In this case, ARMYs have gotten tattoos inspired by their favorite K-Pop group, BTS, which many credit as having had a significant impact on their lives for the better.

There are many tattoo designs, particularly inspired by BTS, available. There have even been official releases of temporary tattoos, including designs inspired by their song “Dynamite.” However, if you are looking for the real deal and want to opt for something symbolic but minimalistic in design, we got you covered!

Here are 10+ beautiful and inspirational minimalist tattoos inspired by BTS…

1. “Love Yourself” Hearts

The intertwining hearts from the “Love Yourself” series are a go-to favorite among tattoo-loving ARMYs. The design is simple, detailed, and iconic. Besides, it holds one of the most powerful messages from BTS.

You can also get one of the hearts individually rather than all four linked. If you choose a small single heart, you can put it on a finger, wrist, neck, behind your ear, etc.

2. “I live, so I love.”

This line from RM‘s “Trivia: Love” is especially memorable and a great motto for life.

3. The BTS logo

You can’t go wrong with the BTS logo (at least the updated version).

4. BTS members’ tattoos

You can also find inspiration from some of BTS’s members’ tattoos. Jimin‘s “NEVERMIND” tattoo on his ribcage is simple, but is also extremely iconic!

While Jungkook‘s tattoo collection has grown significantly recently, some of his first tattoos were all very minimalistic but symbolic.

5. Lonely Whale

Whales have held significance for BTS and ARMY since the release of their song “Whalien 52.” Today, they continue to use imagery of whales throughout their videos, including their cartoon counterparts TinyTan and the “We are Bulletproof: the Eternal” music video. The whale is a metaphor that also serves as a reminder that we are not alone.

6. “Epiphany”

“Epiphany” is Jin‘s solo song from the final installment of the Love Yourself series, Love Yourself: Answer. It concluded the series by emphasizing the important message of self-love. As a result, the word “Epiphany” holds this important reminder.

7. BTS’s mics

There are many unique ways to incorporate all seven members, but one is to use their colored mics. In this case, an ARMY simply had seven dots, each in a different color, to symbolize the members’ and their mics.

8. “Stay Gold”

This phrase comes from BTS’s song “Stay Gold,” which conveys a message of staying positive despite living in a negative world. Lyrics include, “In a world where you feel cold, you gotta stay gold.” 

9. “Euphoria”

This references Jungkook’s song “Euphoria.” While like “Epiphany,” the word “euphoria” has its own significant meanings already, this is a word that now holds extra meaning for BTS fans. Of course, “euphoria” refers to some sort of positive emotional state that someone experiences when feeling happy. In a lot of ways, we feel euphoric as fans of BTS because of their music.

10. “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)”

“00:00 (Zero O’Clock)” refers to the song Map of the Soul: 7. Since its release, it became an instant comfort to ARMY as the vocal line sings about hope for a better future. Essentially, the end of any bad day is the beginning of a fresh start for tomorrow.

11. 7

The number “7” has grown to hold many meanings within the BTS fandom. When talking about the meaning behind the title of their album Map of the Soul: 7, RM explained, “The title is very strong, and you know 7 can symbolize many things,” the BTS leader said. “It symbolizes the number of members and the years we have spent together.” He added, “Also seven means very good luck, right? Like jackpot. Lucky number seven.” 

12. RM’s mono

RM’s solo mixtape mono inspires these tattoosYou can keep it extra simple by getting a design inspired by the mixtape’s cover or some of the songs, such as “Moonchild.”

“Moonchild,” in particular, can hold many different meanings. For one, according to RM, it is for all those who feel more comfortable under moonlight than sunlight. It can also hold more meaning for those born under the Astrological sign of Cancer!

13. “Love Yourself”

Not only can you get one of the “Love Yourself” flowers or hearts to symbolize the self-love message, but you can explicitly have “love yourself” or “love myself.”

14. “Hope”

Obviously, this is in reference to our hope, J-Hope! This is perfect for any J-Hope-biased ARMY, but it is can also have a double meaning as we feel BTS has given us new hope in our lives.

15. Purple heart

A purple heart has become iconic of BTS as their actual logo. V originated and popularized the saying, “Borahae” or “I purple you.” He explained the meaning as “Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors so it means I will trust and love you for a long time.” 

16. “Life Goes On”

This one is pretty self-explanatory as it is the title and overall message of BTS’s song released during COVID-19. This emotional song conveys a hopeful and positive outlook on a bad situation, saying that this time will pass.

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