Before And After Photos Of BTS’s RM That Show The Bulk Up Is Real

Which do you prefer?

BTS’s RM is known to have a great physique with long legs and great body proportions. Throughout the years, he has gone from slender/slim to buff and fans are excited about this change in appearance. His bulk up was so well-received that fans on social media can’t stop talking about it!

Let’s take a look at his before and after bulk up photos!


You can see that he still had a well-built frame even when he was slim.

His long legs make any type of jean look good on him.


You can clearly see that his arms have gotten noticeably bigger.

Not to mention his legs too!

This is one of the more recent clips of him and you can see that his overall physique has gotten quite the upgrade!

Regardless of his body shape, RM can make anything work for him!

Source: theqoo