Here’s 35+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of K-Drama “Vincenzo” Cast Everyone Should Get To See

We can count on Taecyeon and Kwak Dong Yeon to take the best on-set photos!

tvN and Netflix‘s hit K-Drama about everyone’s favorite mafia consigliere, Vincenzo, unfortunately, came to an end recently. If you’re still suffering from Post-Drama Depression, like us, take a trip down memory lane with some behind-the-scenes photos of the beloved cast!

1. Vincenzo or Tae Ho?

2. We just can’t hate them…

3. Jang Han Seo switching to the other side

4. Hong Cha Young with her former co-workers

5. Everyone’s favorite villain

6. A power duo

7. Camera’s POV

8. Kwak Dong Yeon promoted the series with some cute selfies!

9. Song Joong Ki got a visit from a coffee truck…

10. As did Taecyeon too!

11. Adding this to my birthday wishlist

12. We don’t know whether we miss Vincenzo or Kwak Dong Yeon’s selfies more…

13. When we say we like sports…

14. Taecyeon and Song Joong Ki aren’t the only ones who were gifted coffee trucks.

15. Kwak Dong Yeon served us this suave OOTD

16. All by myself

17. Does this look like the face of a killer?

18. Hard at work

19. Friendship goals

20. He might not be a killer, but his looks sure are!

21. Always a boss

22. Undercover

23. Our favorite hockey player

24. The crew celebrated Song Joong Ki!

25. An unexpected bromance

26. CEO Jang Han Seo

27. A surprising partnership

28. Taecyeon knows how to take the best on-set photos

29. OTP

30. Two people we all want on our team

31. It’s a woman’s world

32. A favorite moment from Vincenzo‘s still photographer

33. Yoon Byeong Hui reflected on his time working on Vincenzo as the series ended

34. Gold family

35. Vincenzo wouldn’t have been possible without both cast and crew.

Check out behind-the-scenes photos from True Beauty‘s cast below:

50+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of K-Drama “True Beauty” Cast Everyone Should Get To See

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