Here Are 10+ Of The Best ARMY Reactions To BTS “‘Permission to Dance’ Anywhere” Video

It was cute, chaotic, and everything in between!

After the release of “Permission to Dance,” it seems like BTS love treating ARMY. The group recently posted a new version of their latest track called “‘Permission to Dance’ Anywhere.” The members are dancing to the song in several different locations in the video, and fans even think it proves the group is lurking on Twitter.

Here are 10 of the best ARMY reactions to the video…

1. It seems like BigHit really enjoys lurking on Twitter and seeing ARMYs edit.

2. ARMY knew that some of the effects looked familiar…

3. Suga couldn’t possibly be any cuter.

4. Time seems to fly so quickly 🥺

5. How can a video be so funny and emotional at the same time?

6. This video is literally meme central…

7. The editor of this video definitely had a good time.

8. BTS has taken the message of the song literally!

9. You flex those achievements, BTS.

10. There must be a BigHit editor amongst Twitter ARMY. There’s no other explanation!