Here’s 20+ Of The Best BTS “Butter” Album Covers Designed By ARMYs

ARMY is one of the most creative and talented fandoms!

In a recent BANGTAN BOMB, BTS unboxed their Butter albums, including the two different versions “Cream” and “Peaches.” Afterward, they added some of their own personal touches by customizing the matte-material covers with stickers, paint markers, etc. They also encouraged ARMYs to do the same!

Weverse then posted an official statement, inviting ARMYs to post their creations online with the hashtag #BUTTER_ALBUM_DECORATION.

⭐’Butter’ album decorating challenge?!⭐

Dear ARMY!
Did y’all enjoy ‘album decorating’ video by BTS?
It was so heartwarming and fun!🤗
It’s ARMY’s turn to decorate the album🎨

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have ‘magic hands’~💜
It’s just PERFECT the way it is
if you added a spoonful of love and earnestness!

Please share pictures of your decorated albums📸
with the hashtag #BUTTER_ALBUM_DECORATION! 
Let’s share decorated album pics together and enjoy this summer! 🌞

— Weverse

So, here are 20+ of the best Butter album covers designed by ARMYs…

1. Dreaming of concerts…

2. Some truly thought outside the box

3. You want rockstar BTS? Say no more.

4. Sometimes, greatness is created even from spontaneity or… insomnia?

5. This group of friends (or should we say family?) came together to create one beautiful art piece

6. Since we all loved the heart-shaped handcuffs worn by BTS…

7. As RM said, “‘Butter’ melts and becomes ‘Permission to Dance.'”

8. BT21 joined the fun too!

9. There’s definitely gold at the end of this rainbow

10. One ARMY brought “Peaches” and “Cream” to life…

11. …while others elaborated on the jailhouse rock vibes

12. This one truly captured the spirit of both “Butter” and “Permission to Dance.”

13. Make BTS rockstars and Chibi? Say less!

14. This ARMY truly put detail in their creation

15. “Y’all tryna eat, eat, eat, eat…”

16. Minimalistic designs like this are extremely cool

17. ARMYs truly used the albums as canvas, creating unique works of art

18. Designs like this perfectly capture the vibes of the “Cream” concept photos

19. Others went outside the current concept and explored the BTS universe for otherworldly designs

20. Some even took inspiration from previous albums

21. And if sketching or painting is not quite your thing, get crafty with it and create a collage

Source: Weverse, Image (1), (2) and (3) and BANGTANTV