Here Are 10+ Moments From BTS’s “Butter” Unboxing Video That You Need To See

It was the perfect mix of fun and chaos!

When a K-Pop artist releases a new album, fans are not only excited to listen to the music but to physically hold the album and have a look to see what inclusions they’ve got.

BTS just released their Butter CD single, and all the members recently sat down and unboxed their album as any K-Pop fan would! Here are 10+ funniest moments that you need to see!

1. J-Hope definitely has a unique way of opening his album…

ARMY definitely agrees with Jimin and V that there are better ways than J-Hope’s method!

2. ARMYs will never get over J-Hope’s joy of pulling Suga photocards.

It is not only the cutest thing in the world but also the most relatable.

3. Jimin has been waiting to unbox an album with Suga again!

They look so happy.

4. Has J-Hope forgotten that they might some of the biggest celebrities in the world?

But it just shows how humble all the members are.

5. ARMY even got treated to an impromptu concert!

Now we just need all the members to sing the full version.

6. They made a promise, and now ARMY will be waiting.

Please can we have a Jin and RM VLIVE sooner rather than later?

7. Don’t worry, RM! You don’t need to be able to drive to rock the car wash concept.

In fact, he absolutely aced it and showcased his stunning visuals!

8. Nobody is a bigger fan of BTS than BTS.

They always fanboy so much for each other, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

9. Jungkook definitely has a talent for memes.

He knows all the current memes and isn’t afraid to use them.

10. OT7 pulled OT7 photocards and ARMY are shook.

They must be lucky because that never happens!

Source: FI