BTS J-Hope’s Rather Unique Way Of Opening Albums Has Fans Talking

IS there a proper way to open it?

Recently, BTS uploaded a YouTube video where they unbox copies of their latest album ButterARMYs noticed J-Hope has a habit of biting the plastic wrap off his albums in order to open them!

From left to right: J-Hope, V, Jimin, Suga

While had already ripped open the plastic wrap before the video began, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin were discussing how to properly open up the album.

Suga explained that simply pushing the plastic against the corner of the album opens it easily. Jimin attempted his method and confirmed that it works!

J-Hope, on the other hand, went his own way and said “You can just rip it open with your teeth!” 

Jimin advised ARMY not to attempt this: “That’s dangerous. I don’t want ARMY doing anything dangerous.” But J-Hope had already torn into his album!

Later in the video, RMJin, and Jungkook opened up the “Peaches” version of the album. They each approached the task with their own idea!

Jin reaching for scissors to open the album.

Jin first reached for the scissors to cut the plastic wrap, until RM managed to stop him.

From left to right: RM, Jungkook, Jin

RM instructed him to “Just rub it with your finger and rip it off, boom!

Meanwhile, Jungkook used his nail to cut a hole into the plastic wrap.

Out of all the members, J-Hope’s approach surprised ARMYs the most. Fans took to Twitter to discuss J-Hope’s personal method.

It definitely isn’t the first time he’s used this technique to open up an album!

Some fans were shocked at the idea of biting at the album.

Others admitted to using the same method since using their hands doesn’t work and they don’t want to use sharp instruments!

Some said V’s reaction was exactly how they felt watching J-Hope’s unboxing.

Though there’s plenty of ways to open an album, fans can agree that any method is fine — as long as the album isn’t hurt.