25+ Of The Best BTS Magazine Covers Of All Time

They’ve been featured on covers from all over the world.

In just a few short years, BTS went from underdogs to global stars, and they have the press coverage to prove it. Here are some of the most influential and aesthetically pleasing magazine covers BTS has been featured on so far.




2. Rolling Stone India


3. Billboard


4. Billboard (RM edition)


5. Billboard (V edition)


6. Billboard (Jin edition)


7. Billboard (Jimin edition)


8. Billboard (Jungkook edition)


9. Billboard (J-Hope edition)


10. Billboard (Suga edition)


11. CeCi


12. AJ X The Star


13. AERA


14. Non No


15. Teen Party


16. Singles


17. Singles


18. Star 1


19. CanCam


20. An An


21. An An


22. Dispatch


23. Asta TV Style


24. Haru Hana


25. The Times


26. K BANG


27. K BANG