(★MAMA) Best Dressed Male Celebrities Of 2017 MAMA In Hong Kong

The hottest male celebrities looked absolutely stunning at the 2017 Mnet Music Awards in Hong Kong red carpet. From dazzling suits to the next trend in winter fashion, the men of the K-Pop industry turned heads wherever they walked.

Check out which male celebrities made Koreaboo’s list of the best dressed of 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong!

10th – Song Joong Ki

Newly-wed Song Joong Ki was absolutely radiant at the red carpets. He kept it casual with a simple grey and black suit.

9th – Wanna One

The Wanna One boys kept it uniform in chic black suits but accentuated each of their outfits with their own signature flair.

8th – NCT 127

There’s something called too-much-pattern, but NCT 127 proved that pattern overload can be turned into a new fashion statement! From polka dots to checkered suits, the boys looked stunning.

7th – DAY6

DAY6 did something never seen before! Each of the members had their very own popping statement, yet they matched all together in a overlapping tone.

6th – SHINee’s Taemin

Taemin definitely turned heads at the red carpet! He fashioned an oversized peacoat with a chic black suit. He made it pop even more with a large diamond pin!

5th – EXO

Talk about classic legends! The EXO members kept it simple, but the aura that they exude was simply incredible. Shout out to Kai’s bling collection!

4th – Super Junior

As veterans, Super Junior knew just how to show up at an awards event. They dressed in their own signature styles that best exemplified their personalities.

3rd – MONSTA X’s Jooheon

Jooheon may have been missing his MONSTA X brothers, but there was nothing missing about his fashion style! The perfect combination of black and silver, with a Michael Jackson style glove on top!

2nd – BTS

As global stars, BTS came in looking drop dead gorgeous in stunning black suits and flashy accents. Bowties, palm trees, sparkling stars – they did it all!

1st – GOT7

Our fashion kings of MAMA 2017 went to GOT7! Each of the members took their own styles, and each of them was basically best dressed on their own too! Just a combination of great fabric and color coordination!

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(★MAMA) Best Dressed Female Celebrities Of 2017 Mnet Music Awards In Hong Kong

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