The Best K-Pop B-Sides Of 2019, According To MTV

Are your favorites on the list?

On December 27, MTV released a list of the top B-sides in K-Pop for the year 2019. According to them, these tracks are often overlooked in favor of more popular songs.

Read on to see the top 10 K-Pop B-sides for the year!

10. Red Velvet – Sunny Side Up

Red Velvet‘s “Sunny Side Up” was released in their album The ReVe Festival: Day 1.

9. TXT – Magic Island

TXT‘s “Magic Island” is a song in their album The Dream Chapter: MAGIC.

8. Stray Kids – Chronosaurus

Stray Kids‘ “Chronosaurus” is part of their album Clé 1 : MIROH.

7. Dreamcatcher – Silent Night

Dreamcatcher‘s “Silent Night” is a song in their album Raid Of The Dream.

6. GOT7 – Thursday

GOT7‘s “Thursday” was released in their album Call My Name.

5. BTS – Dionysus

BTS‘s “Dionysus” is part of their album Map Of The Soul : Persona.

4. DAY6 – Wanna Go Back

DAY6‘s “Wanna Go Back” is a B-side in their album The Book of Us: GRAVITY.

3. NCT 127 – Highway To Heaven

NCT 127‘s “Highway To Heaven” is a song in their album of the same name.

2. SEVENTEEN – Lie Again

SEVENTEEN‘s “Lie” was released in their album An Ode.

1. TWICE – Love Foolish

TWICE‘s “Love Foolish” is a B-side in their album Feel Special.