The 22 Best K-Pop B-Sides Of 2022, Ranked By MTV

You can add some of these hidden gems to your playlist.

From debuts to comebacks and groups to solo artists, MTV ranked the b-side songs released in 2022 that were the best of the best. Here are the twenty-two songs to add to your playlist.


BVNDIT’s last track before disbanding resonated for its “bold finish” and “multiple tempo switches” that proved they were a force to be reckoned with.

21. Taeyeon — “Siren”

Taeyeon’s lovely vocals on the track are just as “bewitching as the mythical mermaids who dragged unwitting sailors down to their deaths.

20. CIX — “Bend the Rules”

The “sultry, intense, and seductive” vibe of the track is pulled off perfectly by CIX’s vocals and rapping.

19. P1Harmony — “Different Song For Me”

The “distinctive vocalists” of P1Harmony are highlighted with a ballad that encourages listeners to “follow the beat of their own drum.

18. ONEWE — “Montage_”

Fulfilling the meaning of its title, the ONEWE b-side is a perfect combination of everything the band does best.

‘Montage_’ is a winning row on a ‘best of ONEWE’ bingo card. Power vocals, rock riffs for days, and lyrics exploring the mysticism and ephemerality of love? All accounted for.

— MTV’s Elizabeth de Luna

17. DPR IAN — “1 Shot”

Because DPR IAN, also known as Chrisitan Yu, has a masterful way of incorporating his bipolar disorder into his music, he took it to the next level for this b-side.

His work weaves a rich tapestry of conflict between his states of mind, pitting them against each other as characters he introduces as Mito and Mr. Insanity. On ‘1 Shot’ you can hear them in warped conversation…

— MTV’s Elizabeth de Luna

16. TWICE — “Queen of Hearts”

The powerful and soft vocals of TWICE blend wonderfully for the “girl-power pop-rock confection sung by a triumphant heroine” that would fit right at home in a movie’s soundtrack.

15. Dreamcatcher — “Locked Inside A Door”

Dreamcatcher’s b-side is “a dynamic mix of jazz and rock influences” that voices their frustration with a lover who’s suffocating them.


While TREASURE released a few songs that gained popularity this year, “DARARI” became a massive hit on TikTok, used in over three million videos on the global platform.

13. (G)I-DLE — “MY BAG”

The b-side made by Soyeon is “a loving tribute to sisterhood” and does so in making each “member’s best features” shine.

12. NMIXX — “TANK”

While this b-side often leaves “listeners divided,” along with their debut “O.O”, it’s a song “you’ll never forget.

11. Lee Chanhyuk — “Time! Stop!”

The “wonderfully weird and unpredictableAKMU member works his magic once again to share the thoughts of someone on the edge of death in “Time! Stop!”.

10. Kep1er — “LE VOYA9E”

Beautifully painting the picture of summer, the Kep1er b-side of “a summer love is a soothing sonic salve.

9. Stray Kids — “Charmer”

Maintaining the perfect balance of “exuding confidence without falling into arrogance,3RACHA‘s genius wordplay ties it all together.

8. WOODZ — “Better and better”

While Colorful Trauma is full of noteworthy tracks, “the radiant [and] optimistic” b-side “Better and better” stands out for taking a turn from the “moody and introspective.

7. Hyoyeon — “Stupid”

The Girls’ Generation member strikes the best balance between “playful obstinance and empowerment” for her b-side that claps back at haters underestimating her intelligence.

6. ATEEZ — “Cyberpunk”

Amusing fans with their duality, ATEEZ’s futuristic “Cyberpunk” pairs the sadness of loss in its lyrics with sexy chair choreography.

5. aespa — “Illusion”

Aespa fully dives into the fairytale of the will-o’-the-wisp for the b-side, all the way down to the background sounds that demonstrate their seduction of turned-around travelers.

4. SEVENTEEN — “Shadow”

The song about “self-discovery and acceptance” shines through the darkness, along with the members’ strong vocals.


STAYC’s beautiful vocals muse about how complicated it can be for young people to process their emotions.

2. TXT — “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go”

TXT’s b-side from minisode 2: Thursday’s Child is “almost unmatched in its perfection” as they spin an old nursery rhyme into an anthem for optimism after a breakup.


Taking the top spot, ENHYPEN’s Manifesto: Day 1 rock anthem “SHOUT OUT” is the feel-good song of unapologetic encouragement that brings everyone together.

ENHYPEN chose ‘SHOUT OUT’ to close out their world tour setlist, and I’ll never forget standing in Radio City Music Hall and listening to the sound of six thousand people cheering as the group sang, ‘Shout out loud ’til the end of time the story of you and I… Shout out my heart for you.’

— MTV’s Elizabeth de Luna

Source: MTV
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