All-Time Best K-Pop Christmas Songs To Get You In The Mood – From 2010 To 2020

Get your jingle on!

‘Tis the season! While we get our jingle on, here’s some songs for you to liven up the mood as we prepare to countdown to the jolliest day of the year!

1. After School’s “Love Love Love”

If you were a fan of second generation K-Pop, you’d know this classic gem.

2. Lovelyz’s “Twinkle”

We pull this one out without fail every December.

3. GOT7’s “Confession Song”

Old but gold, here’s GOT7’s “Confession Song” to keep you warm.

4. TaeTiSeo’s “Dear Santa”

Will you write a letter to Santa this year?

5. f(x)’s “Wish List”

Part of SM Entertainment‘s 2016 Winter Garden collection, the song reminds us of festive cheer.


This one’s a sure classic!

7. EXO’s “First Snow”

One of the OG Christmas K-Pop songs.

8. SHINee’s “Winter Wonderland”

Excuse us as we include our personal favorite into the list.


9. IU’s “Merry Christmas In Advance”

Here’s one we start listening to in June…just to be prepared.

10. BTOB’s “The Winter’s Tale”

Lastly, a merry one to round things off!

Alright, happy holidays folks!