The Best Songs To Listen To During Your Coronavirus Quarantine, Courtesy Of Eric Nam

It’s no surprise that Eric & his brothers have such great taste.

For the most recent episode of K-Pop Daebak, soloist Eric Nam invited his brothers (Eddie Nam and Brian Nam) on the podcast to talk about all things COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). Alongside discussing the negative points of the virus, including its effects on the economy and racism, Eric also shared some very appropriate songs to listen to while you’re on lockdown. Make sure you add these to your quarantine playlist!

1.  “4 Walls” – f(x)

The first song Eric recommended was “4 Walls” by f(x). Eric is known to be a close friend of f(x)’s Amber, but that’s not why he suggested it. In fact, he actually giggled at the tongue in cheek nature of his own recommendation.

Since you’ll be stuck at home social distancing, you’ll likely spend most of your lockdown time within the four walls of your bedroom or living room, making the song’s title very apt. Plus, it’s a great house anthem regardless.

If everybody’s off quarantining at home when you’re in four walls, maybe it’s a good way to listen to a song—just like, “I’m in these four walls!”.

— Eric Nam

2. “View” – SHINee

The next song on Eric Nam’s COVID-19 lockdown playlist is “View” by SHINee, another house song from 2015. Eric says he still regularly listens to the song these days because it makes him feel good.

In the chorus lyrics, the members since about a very beautiful view. Maybe you can use the song to help you visualize the pretty outdoor views you miss while you’re inside.

3. “Sunday Morning” – Maroon 5

This recommendation actually came from Eric’s brother, Eddie: “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. Eric was quick to point out that it’s not quite fitting for K-Pop Daebak, but Eddie wanted to include it anyway!

During a lockdown when there’s no school or work, every morning can feel like a Sunday morning, so the song definitely makes sense in this situation.

4. “Make it Right” – BTS ft. Lauv

Eddie’s next suggestion was more appropriate for the podcast: “Make it Right” by BTS, specifically the version featuring Lauv.

Eric vehemently agreed after thinking about the lyrics. COVID-19 may be having harsh effects all over the world, but everyone can band together to make things a bit better.

We’re going to make this right. This COVID-19, we’re going to make it right. We as in the world—we are the world.

— Eric Nam

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