These Are The Best Line Distributions Of 10 K-Pop Girl Groups

Sometimes even a group’s most “even” line distribution isn’t all that even!

Recently, these 10 K-Pop girl groups had their worst line distributions determined, and now it’s time to look at their best! While some of the distributions are very even, others of them are still pretty uneven, even though these are considered their “best”. Some people find this problematic, while others think it’s alright, so you can make your own opinion when looking at these graphs!

1. ITZY: “ICY”

2. LOONA: “Butterfly”

3. BLACKPINK: “Kick It”


5. Red Velvet: “Russian Roulette”

6. MOMOLAND: “Thumbs Up”


8. EVERGLOW: “Adios”

9. GFRIEND: “Fever”

10. IZ*ONE: “La Vie en Rose”