Here’s 10+ Of The Most Relatable ARMY Reactions To BTS Participating In The Upcoming Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

Did someone say model BTS?

Back in April, it was revealed that the BTS members had become the newest ambassadors for Louis Vuitton. On July 5, it was announced that the group would be participating in the brand’s upcoming Fall-Winter 2021 Show in Seoul! The event will be held on July 7 and is available for fans to stream.

On Twitter, the group released a teaser video of the members looking as dapper as ever. As soon as the video was released, fans flocked to social media, and here are 10+ of the most relatable reactions!

1. Blonde Jin > everything else

2. Some invitations definitely got lost in the post, but ARMY will wait!

3. BTS is literally taking ARMYs breath away with their dazzling visuals.

4. This is proof that BTS has definitely taken over the world.

5. V is out looking like a CEO dressed in his sharp-looking suit.

6. Louis Vuitton really loves BTS as much as ARMY does!

7. Could ARMY actually get to see BTS make their professional modeling debut?

8. If we do get to see model BTS, at least the members have experience!

9. Move aside professional models; BTS is here and ready to take over!

10. Thank you Louis Vuitton for giving ARMY these beautiful shots!

Source: FI