The 5 Best-Dressed Stars On The “58th Grand Bell Awards” Red Carpet

Their gorgeous outfits stole the show.

After a six-month postponement, the 58th Grand Bell Awards (also known as Daejong International Film Awards) took place on December 9 in Seoul. As expected, the nominees dressed to dazzle. Here are 5 of our favorite red carpet looks!

1. Ong Seong Wu

This handsome idol-actor gave runway models a run for their money in his pinstripe suit.

Ong Seong Wu’s black sash calls to mind classic tuxedos, while his cutting-edge blazer embodies today’s high fashion. The outfit accentuates his height and slim figure.

Ong Seong Wu won a “New Wave Award” for his role in the movie Life is Beautiful. 

2. Park So Dam

Jaws must have dropped when Park So Dam graced the red carpet in this billowing, blue ballgown!

The Parasite star looked like a Disney princess brought to life as she waved to reporters…

…and model for photographs. Park So Dam was nominated for “Best Actress” for her role as Eun Ha in Special Delivery. 

3. Kim Hye Yoon

While Park So Dam went for pastels, actress Kim Hye Yoon dressed in midnight black in this form-fitting dress.

She kept this look simple and elegant by forgoing flashy accessories. The dress’s simplicity allowed her timeless visuals (and gorgeous hair) to take the spotlight.

Kim Hye Yoon won “Best New Actress” for her role as Goo Hye Young in The Girl on a Bulldozer.

4. Yum Jung Ah

The queen has arrived! Yum Jung Ah went all out with this glimmering, peach dress on the red carpet. Her dress is stitched with rhinestones from its faux-necklace collar to its gossamer hems. All that’s missing is a crown!

Yum Jung Ah won the award for her role as Oh Se Yeon in Life is Beautiful.

5. Jaechan (DKZ)

Jaechan (also known as Park Jae Chan) won a “New Wave Award” for his leading role in the Boys Love (BL) movie Semantic Error: The Movie.

On the red carpet, this stunning K-Pop star wore a double-breasted gray suit that wouldn’t look out of place in a K-Drama. Perhaps he’ll play a high-powered CEO in his next project?

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