These Are The Best-Selling K-Pop Artists In Gaon’s 9-Year History

These 12 top-ranking artists have sold million of albums.

Gaon Music Chart is a music sales and popularity chart launched in 2010 by the Korea Music Content Association and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It is to South Korea what the Billboard Charts are to the US and the Oricon Charts are to Japan.

Recently, Gaon released a list of artists who have sold the most physical albums in the last 9 years. Artists who debuted prior to 2010 were not included in the ranking.


12. Red Velvet (1,180,758)


11. NU’EST (1,235,084)


10. Monsta X (1,423,006)


9. VIXX (1,437,817)


8. Infinite (1,701,773)


7. NCT (2,272,645)


6. SEVENTEEN (2,812,548)


5. GOT7 (3,067,559)


4. Wanna One (3,634,032)


3. TWICE (3,868,278)


2. EXO (11,951,102)


1. BTS (15,395,655)

With more than 15M physical album sales, BTS is not only the best-selling artist in Gaon’s history, but in the entire history of K-Pop!

Source: Gaon