Here Are 15+ Best Shawol Tweet Reactions To SHINee’s “Atlantis” Comeback

Definitely blasting “Atlantis” from now into the summer.

SHINee is back and, this time, to save our summer! They have released their new repackaged album Atlantis along with its title track of the same name today.

The fresh concept is bright, vibrant, and everything we dreamt of and more! Here are 15+ of Shawols’ best tweet reactions to SHINee’s comeback:

1. Jonghyun is always with SHINee.

2. He said, “Don’t call me!”

3. Onew did that!

4. It’s all connected.

5. Forever five!

6. Minho slayed the game.

7. Taemin serving visuals as usual.

8. Imagine the performances though!

9. No thoughts. Just Minho.

10. What is even a bias when SHINee exists?

11. Key = fashion icon.

12. Only Taemin can make cursing sound so cute.

13. As they thould.

14. The fact that Onew is over 30?Β πŸ₯Ί

15. My aesthetic this summer.

Check out SHINee’s music video for “Atlantis” below:

Source: SMTOWN