Best To Worst Techniques From Insane “Physical: 100” Hanging Challenge, According To Fitness Expert

Few contestants did the #1.

Arguably one of the most engrossing games so far from Netflix‘s Physical: 100 is its very first—the hanging challenge. Contestants were lifted into the air and were made to hang on to the bars as long as possible, each choosing which position they wanted to do.

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But according to fitness expert @Legendaley, not all positions are actually equal! Check out the worst to best hanging positions below.

6. Dead Hang

Ranking in last place is the “Dead Hang,” which entails grabbing the bar with both hands. Even though it’s the easiest position to get into, your grip on the handle wears out quickly because of how slippery it is.

Contestants who used the Dead Hang were among the first to lose the game.

5. Pits Over

Slightly better but still not great is “Pits Over.” Most of the contestants chose this position because it puts less strain on the muscles and is better at preventing muscle fatigue.

However, many still appeared to struggle in this position.

4. Pits Over, Arms Extended

This position is similar to the previous one with the exception of the extended arms, which slightly changes the center of balance.

It was another popular position among contestants.

3. Bicep Curl Lock

In third place is “Bicep Curl Lock.” Like the name suggests, your fatigue is transferred to your biceps. But because it’s more painful in the armpits, it’s recommended to do it towards the end.

Some of the longest lasting contestants used this position.

2. Corner Pits Over

@Legendaley argued that this “Corner Pits Over” is the second best position, which also happens to be what the winner used. It’s ideal because you can assume a more natural body stance, and it exerts minimal fatigue than in Pits Over.

The contestants even joked that the winner looked like he was sleeping!

1. Pits Over, Leg Lock

Finally, the best position of them all is “Pits Over, Leg Lock.” Out of everything, this is the one that provided the least amount of muscle fatigue. Many who tried it themselves have said that it was the easiest position to maintain.

Unfortunately, only a few contestants elected to use this position. Try it out for yourself in your next gym session!

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