10 Hilarious Tweets About Netflix’s “Physical: 100” From Viewers Who Jokingly Swear They’re Watching It “Only For The Plot”

There’s more to the show than the challenges 🤷

Netflix‘s Physical: 100 is taking the world by storm! The survival program pits one hundred fit contestants in “a series of grueling challenges to claim the honor—and cash reward—as the last one standing.”

Needless to say, every single participant has a jaw-dropping physique.

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Check out some of the best netizen reactions in line with this thought below!

1. Every Single Contestant

First up, there’s no doubt that everyone in the show is drool-worthy.

2. Sung Bin

Olympic Skeleton racer Sung Bin is a crowd favorite for a reason.

3. Sung Bin Once More

He’s the plot that viewers around the world are watching for.

4. Leg Day

These guys didn’t skip leg day, alright!

5. Nam Kyung Jin

Wrestler Nam Kyung Jin is beloved for his athleticism and strong physique.

6. Agent H

Agent H is by-the-book muscular.

7. Chu Sung Hoon

MMA Fighter Chu Sung Hoon is looking great at 47 years old!

8. Cha Hyun Seung and Sung Bin

Dancer Cha Hyun Seung and Skeleton racer Sung Bin are some of the most popular contestants for a reason.

9. Jang Eun Sil

Jang Eun Sil was a favorite in the women’s team for her leadership and stunning body.

10. Sung Chi Hyun

Finally for now, fitness model and casino dealer Sung Chi Hyun stood out for more than just his glorious locks of hair.

The plot of Physical: 100 is rich for sure—both mentally and visually.

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