How To Spot A Bias Wrecker: 10 Warning Signs You Need To Watch Out For 

This is a comprehensive guide to spotting bias wreckers, plus tips on how to keep yourself (and your bias list) safe.

Bias wreckers are dangerous. They are idols who sneak up on fans unexpectedly with their deadly charms, killer visuals, and more. Bias wreckers make fans question their loyalties to their ultimate bias and, if left to their own devices, they can bring down entire bias lists. Here is a comprehensive guide to spotting bias wreckers, plus tips on how to keep yourself (and your bias list) safe!


1. Be on guard at all times

Bias wreckers can strike at any time, day or night. It can happen when they’re on stage, at the airport, or just bumming around their practice studio. If you’re not prepared for it, even a glance might take you down!


2. Stay far away from idols who are pros at duality

Can he or she go from super sexy to super cute in the blink of an eye? RUN! That is definitely a bias wrecker!


3. Watch out for winks

Winks are a bias wrecker’s secret weapon and they will use them without hesitation or discretion. Beware.


4. Ab flashes

Is the ab-flashing idol you’re drooling over your bias? If the answer is “no” then shut your eyes and clear your mind immediately. Don’t look, don’t think, and go blast the air conditioner ASAP!

5. Beware the killer smile

It’s called a “killer smile” for a reason. A blinding flash of pearly whites is all it takes to sway even the most loyal fans. You have been warned.


6. Aegyo is a trap

Don’t let your bias wrecker’s sugar-sweet cuteness fool you. Behind that facade of adorkable goodness, they’re hoping they can steal your bias’s #1 spot!


7. Beauty will be the death of you and your bias list

Your bias is the most gorgeous human alive, obviously, but there’s always that one idol, that living, breathing work of art anyone would pay good money to see at a gallery (if that was an option).

The idol in question is just so objectively, ethereally pretty that you just can’t help staring at them. Careful! That’s one of the most dangerous bias wrecking types around!


8. Don’t get swayed by acts of kindness, charity, or other good deeds

Let’s say you can resist your bias wrecker’s visuals, cuteness, sexiness, and charm. First of all, if that’s true, you’re stronger than most of us. Secondly, that’s only half the battle. If you let them, bias wreckers will win your heart with their big, golden ones. Why must they be such good people? Why!


9. Don’t even think about laughing

Nothing wins a heart over quite like a good sense of humor. Some idols have the gift of hilarity, and you find yourself wishing they were your best friend…or your bias? Yikes!

10. Talent? Don’t stan it…

…unless it’s your bias. If you start stanning other extremely talented idols too, one thing may lead to another, and — boom! You’re bias wrecked.


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