10 Moments That Prove Nobody Promotes YG Entertainment Artists Quite Like Seungri

Seungri is the ultimate YG stan!

While Seungri has always been known to promote his fellow YG Entertainment artists, now with his BIGBANG hyungs away in the military, Seungri has been working hard to spread the love! Here are just a few times that Seungri proved that nobody promotes artists quite like him!


1. That time Seungri was supposed to be promoting his own work but…

We all know that Seungri dropped a fantastic album a few months back and has been working on promoting it since. Although promoting his work doesn’t always come first. For example, Seungri was giving an interview in Malaysia and talked about unforgettable events…


When he suddenly ended up on the subject of BLACKPINK! Of course, he couldn’t stop himself from giving a shoutout to the group. Check it out in the clip below!


2. Then again, he did have one idea to promote his solo work!

Of course, Seungri is a YG Entertainment artist himself and works hard to promote his own solo work. It’s just sometimes he does it in the most Seungri way possible! Like that time he asked to borrow G-Dragon‘s Instagram page!

“G-Dragon hyung has many followers on Instagram so I asked him if I could use his page. He called me crazy!”

— Seungri


3. That time he became the fifth member of BLACKPINK

Both BLACKPINK and Seungri uploaded one special video to their Instagram pages complete with a secret fifth member that turned out to be none other than Seungri himself!


He blew everyone away with his stunning choreography and a little extra surprise at the end.

BLACKPINK Introduces Their Secret 5th Member Through Surprise Video


4. The time Seungri was as hyped as the rest of us for Jennie’s solo debut

We all know that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is getting ready to release some solo work of her own and of course the group’s biggest fan is going to help promote for her! He recently posted this poster to his Instagram page captioned with some very sweet and encouraging words!

“Jennie, do you need any help from your oppa? Let me know anytime @chanelofficial I have some neckties that I got from @chanelofficial. If you need it, let me know. You can tie them together to make a scarf. Let me know if oppa can help you with your solo promotions. I’m #sad that you haven’t reached out.”


5. When BLACKPINK made an appearance in “Where R U From”

Okay, so the group didn’t really make an official appearance in the song but with some creative color tosses…


Seungri wasn’t fooling anybody with his reference to the girl group’s hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU”!


6. And so did WINNER’s Mino

Of course, Seungri couldn’t leave out another one of his hoobaes and showcased Mino‘s amazing rap abilities in “Where R U From”.


7. He didn’t leave out iKON’s B.I either!

Not to leave anyone out, Seungri also used B.I‘s outstanding talents in “Mollado”!


Unfortunately, there’s currently no music video for this one but you can still enjoy B.I and Seungri’s voices together!


8. Then there was the time he really wanted to help Mino

And if you didn’t know, WINNER‘s Mino is also working on some solo work of his own. Seungri once again stepped up and showed what a great hyung he is by posting this teaser to his social media and had a very special message to Mino.

“First place music charts are bound to be #SongMino. Hey Mino, do you need help from hyung? Your hyung is always standing behind you, but you never use me… Since you featured for me, I wanted to feature for you. We agreed to give and take. I want to give back but why won’t you take from me… Hyung is sad.”


9. When he asked what everyone was doing

Seungri also came up with a very clever way to promote WINNER‘s song “Everyday” and enlisted the help from Seungyoon and iKON‘s B.I.


The clip is possibly the most Seungri like of them all!

Seungri Promotes WINNER’s “EVERYDAY” In The Most Seungri Way Possible


10. Then there was the time he hyped up groups that we don’t even know about yet

It turns out that Seungri is also ready to hype groups that haven’t debuted yet…or even been introduced to the public at all! During the press conference for his solo album, Seungri was already getting fans excited with his news about YG Entertainment’s upcoming groups!

“The agency has yet to reveal them, but YG Entertainment does have an amazing range of talent growing. These guys are going to follow in WINNERiKON, and BLACKPINK‘s footsteps and succeed tremendously.”

— Seungri