10 Most Replay-Worthy Moments From The Long-Awaited “Shoong!” Video Of BIGBANG’s Taeyang And BLACKPINK’s Lisa

#5 proves they’re main dancers for a reason.

The long-awaited collaboration of BIGBANG‘s Taeyang and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is here! The performance video of “Shoong!” was released on April 25 and received overall positive reviews.

There were many replay-worthy moments throughout the video that fans couldn’t stop raving about. Check out some of them below!

1. When the dancers first came into the picture

First up, the transition between Taeyang’s solo scene to the backup dancers coming into view was seamless.

2. When the details of the choreography hit hard

The dancers slid 360 degrees while on their knees for an ultra-cool effect.

3. When Lisa’s charismatic rap started

Of course, we can’t miss out on Lisa’s epic entry into the performance video.

Fans loved every second of her rap!

4. When Lisa and Taeyang danced the chorus together

Their moves were simultaneously smooth and powerful.

5. When each of them flowed like water

They’re both main dancers for a reason.

6. When they looked into each other’s eyes

Their chemistry was absolutely electrifying.

7. When Lisa slid on the ground

She made this tough acrobatic move look effortless to do.

8. When the “Shoong!” point choreography came on

Smooth and sexy was the name of the game.

9. When the driving scene appeared

The look Lisa gave the camera when doing the driving choreography was everything.

And their footwork? There’s a reason why they’re being praised online!

10. When the final chorus hit

Finally, the powerful dancing of Taeyang and the YGX crew hit hard, just like the beats of the song.

Check out the full video below if you haven’t yet!

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