From BIGBANG To TREASURE: These Legendary Performances Of YG Artists At Award Shows Prove They Can Make Any Stage Their Concert

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TREASURE recently became the talk of the town thanks to their viral performance at the 2022 MAMA Awards. The rap line led the helm with a fun live version of their unit track “Volkno,” prompting even their fellow artists to stand up and dance.

The rest of the members joined them on stage afterwards for “JIKJIN” and “HELLO.” They showed off their steady vocals and synchronized dancing which garnered the praise of non-fans as well.

The young boy group reminded viewers of the older generations of YG Entertainment who also stood out during award show season.

Check out some of their most iconic videos below!


2013 MAMA Awards

To begin, the first group that comes to mind in this case is undoubtedly BIGBANG. They were the first K-Pop group who veered off-course to the secondary stage so as to involve their fellow K-Pop artists in their performance.

In 2013, they had a 16-minute long medley at the MAMA Awards where they sang songs such as “Crooked” and “Fantastic Baby.”

Needless to say, they turned the waiting area into a party! They even brought Lee Hyori and Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and Seohyun to the front for an impromptu dance.


No matter how many years pass by, BIGBANG always delivers! Their mix of “Loser,” “Bae Bae,” and “Bang Bang Bang” made everyone scream and jam to the beat.

3. 2NE1

2015 MAMA Awards

Just like their brother group, 2NE1 is also masterful at hyping up the crowd. CL‘s solo rap, Minzy‘s flexibility, Dara‘s expressions, and Park Bom‘s vocals ensured that everyone was looking at them the entire time they were on stage.

4. iKON

2015 MAMA Awards

When it comes to successful debuts, iKON cannot be left out. It was easy to forget that they were a freshly-debuted rookie group when they sang “Apology,” “Anthem,” and “Rhythm Ta” at the 2015 MAMA Awards.


2017 MBC Music Festival

WINNER showed their confidence and experience as senior K-Pop idols at the 2017 MBC Music FestivalHOONY and MINO made a new rap for “LOVE ME LOVE ME” in response to the “fan” theme of the show. Moreover, they were all at ease when dancing to “REALLY REALLY,” a song that the celebrities and audience alike knew well.


BLACKPINK fans can never forget their 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun cover of “SO HOT” by Wonder Girls. Not only did they embody the “I’m so hot, I’m so fine” lyrics, but they were also the definitions of talented with their vocal and rap parts.


2014 MAMA Awards

Last but certainly not the least, “BORN HATER” is arguably the most memorable “YG Family at award shows” example. EPIK HIGH, WINNER’s MINO, and iKON’s Bobby and former member B.I reminded viewers that YG Entertainment’s core strength, traditionally, is rap—and this isn’t something that’s changing anytime soon.

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