BigHit Keeps “Ambushing” BTS Fans, And ARMYs Just Can’t Handle It

It’s only March and ARMYs are already overwhelmed.

2019 has barely begun and ARMYs are already overwhelmed, thanks to all the BTS goodness Big Hit Entertainment has been releasing. Although fans love these surprises, it’s getting to the point where ARMYs can’t even breathe anymore! Here are # painfully accurate tweets that every BTS fan can relate to right now.


1. When you can’t handle the ARMYPEDIA madness and it’s only Day 1:


2. When you start to wonder if you’re the victim of a conspiracy.


3. When your work/life balance goes out the window


4. When you can’t get a word in edgewise


5. When there are no words at all. Just feelings.


6. “Hey, ARMY! Lost this?” Yes. The answer is YES.


7. When you can’t get an answer about the one thing you really need.


8. “Y’all mind if I scream?”


9. When you change your identity to match your mood


10. When you start to wonder how BigHit’s employees are coping too