BIGHIT MUSIC Releases 20 New HD Photos Of BTS’s Suga For His 30th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Suga! 🎂

It’s BTS Suga‘s 30th birthday on March 9, and BIGHIT MUSIC released 20 new HD photos to celebrate the special occasion.

Here’s a look back at just a few of BTS and Suga’s most memorable moments over the past year!

1. Historic White House Visit

In 2022, BTS was invited to visit the White House to speak with United States President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris about anti-Asian hate crimes, discrimination, and the importance of Asian representation and inclusion.

2. Unwinding before takeoff

Ahead of BTS’s flight to the U.S. for their White House visit, Suga relaxes while listening to music and wearing the meaningful Tibetan Dzi bead necklace gifted to him by his mom before he debuted.

3. Gifts For ARMYs Attending Their Inkigayo Comeback Stage

BTS made their long-awaited group comeback on June 10, 2022, and surprised ARMYs with flowers and gifts before their special comeback stage.

4. His Iconic “That That” Feature

During BTS’s packed 2022 schedule, Suga found time to produce and feature on PSY‘s “That That,” which was an instant hit. Suga was ready to produce the hit, but PSY also convinced him to rap on the song. Suga then learned the intense choreography, and the veteran singer also convinced him to appear in the music video. The rest of the iconic collaboration is history.

5. Custom Cutting Board

The BTS members each released their own individual vlogs last year, and for Suga’s, he visited a woodworking shop and made each member a whale cutting board.

6. Weathering The Storm

BTS’s beautiful “Yet To Come” music video was filmed in the Nevada desert. Although it provided a gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing location for the music video shoot, it didn’t come without its downsides.

When high winds caused sand storms during their filming, the members had goggles ready to protect their eyes and weather the storm.

7. Preparing For BTS’s Virtual Concert Event: “PROOF Live”

Despite the heat of the Nevada desert, Suga wore a blue sweater and pants for BTS’s virtual concert event, PROOF Live.

8. Group Filming

After ten years in the spotlight, Suga is a natural in front of the camera.

9. Summer Surprise

During PSY’s Summer Swag 2022 concert, Suga surprised the audience by appearing mid-show to perform his verse in “That That.”

10. Another Great Inkigayo Selfie

Suga brightly smiles before greeting ARMYs again in 2022 with the group’s newest songs ahead of their 9th anniversary.

11. Relaxing While At Dance Practice

Suga shared behind-the-scenes footage of his dance practice while learning the “That That” choreography. Suga proved his professionalism and talent by effortlessly picking up the difficult dance.

12. Turning An Award Show Into Their Personal Concert

BTS made a rare award show appearance at The Fact Music Awards 2022 , turning the ceremony into their own personal concert as seasoned global idols.

13. Surprise Rehearsals

Suga’s surprise performance at PSY’s Summer Swag 2022 stayed under wraps, even after he stopped by the venue before the show to practice the performance beforehand.

14. M Countdown Return

BTS made their long-awaited return to M Countdown during their “Yet To Come”/”For Youth” promotions. They kept their outfits trendy, fresh, and bright for their grand return.

15. Return To Music Shows

For their first comeback in two years, BTS performed on a special stage to nearly 4,000 ARMYs at their M Countdown comeback filming.

16. Creating New Content For Fans

Over the past year, BTS released plenty of new content for fans to enjoy and charmed ARMYs with their adorable and chaotic interactions.

17. Hotel Views

Before his appearance at the NBA Japan Games Suga handsomely posed for a photo with a stunning skyline view from his hotel room, which he shared on his personal Instagram account.

18. Happy 30th Birthday to Suga!

Happy 30th Birthday to the second oldest BTS member who has grown up in front of ARMYs’ eyes over the last nine years! We hope this is the best year yet.

Source: Weverse