PSY Used A Devious Plan To “Trick” BTS’s Suga Into Doing More Than Just Producing His Upcoming Track

PSY took a page out of Bang PD’s playbook!

One of the hottest topics in K-Pop right now is the upcoming collaboration for PSY‘s upcoming album with none other than BTS‘s Suga. Since it was announced, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement when it was revealed that not only had Suga produced the track “That That,” but his vocals were featured on it.

PSY (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | @psy_oppa/Twitter

PSY recently released some clips of the track’s music video, and it looks like the perfect combination of chaos and energy!

| @psy_oppa/Twitter

Well, it seems like Suga got more than he bargained for when PSY approached him to do the track, and it was all because of the veteran idol’s “trickery.”

PSY has recently been releasing some hilarious teaser clips on his Twitter, where he and Suga have been sharing the writing process for the track. On April 28, the newest video was shared and had netizens LOL’ing.

In the video, Suga explained that he never really had the chance to get close to anyone he’s collaborated with before, adding, “Because, my [work] style itself isn’t the style to meet [with the artists] and work on it [together].”

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Like it was initially expected, PSY then explained that when he first approached Suga for the track, it was because Suga wanted to produce the song for PSY.

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However, PSY’s attitude to working with Suga seemed worlds away from what the idol had experienced before. It was this change that meant Suga ended up with a much bigger role than he bargained for when creating the song.

Suga: But, hyung-nim wanted to see me in person…

PSY: And he ended up featuring on the track.

Suga: We communicated [back and forth] a lot.

PSY: Then he ended up learning the intense choreography.

Suga: I didn’t know I would end up dancing with hyung-nim.

PSY: And he ended up starring in the MV.

| @psy_oppa/Twitter
| @psy_oppa/Twitter

Suga then explained that when he started the process, he thought, “Ah, I was just going to write the song and slip away” while just producing the track. PSY then channeled his inner “Super Villain” as he shared that the small steps were his plan to get Suga fully involved as much as possible.

Step by step, he ended up getting [more and more] involved. Our Yoongi… mwahahahahah.


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One reason that it was funny was that it seemed to be history repeating itself. When the group first debuted, BTS appeared on the show Rookie King Channel BTS.

Suga explained that it had been three years since he’d signed with the company because, “three years ago, someone here told me a blatant lie!

Suga jokingly called out CEO Bang Si Hyuk (known as Bang PD) as the idol Suga claimed when he signed the contract, he wasn’t expecting to debut as an idol group because of what producer Bang Si Hyuk promised.

According to Suga, the CEO had promised Suga would debut in a group where dancing wouldn’t be the focus and he could concentrate on his rapping and writing… which obviously wasn’t the case.

When netizens saw the connection between the two incidents and how Suga ended up doing more than he’d bargained for, they shared how funny it was. However, Suga has proved that he can do anything and is amazing at it, even if it isn’t what he expected.

Even though Suga didn’t intend to live the “idol” life, he’s truly capturing the hearts of netizens and fellow artists. His talent is so recognized that everyone wants to work with him, even if they have to resort to trickery.

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