24 Unedited Moments From “BORN PINK” In Seoul Showing What BLACKPINK Actually Looks Like IRL

Okay but #6. 😍

Only the luckiest BLINK get to see the stunning members of BLACKPINK up close! After their recent “BORN PINK” concert in Seoul, fantaken videos flooded social media and revealed just how gorgeous the members are in person. Check out some of the best moments below!

1. Jisoo’s visuals are even more beautiful in person!

2. Everyone needs to see this iconic eye contact moment with Jennie.

3. With her long blonde hair and pink skirt, Rosé looks like a human Barbie doll.

4. Lisa’s big smile for fans shows how much she loves seeing them.

5. Jisoo slays during “Typa Girl.”

6. Jennie showed off her charisma on stage.

7. Rosé had so much fun during soundcheck!

8. Under the spotlight, Lisa looks like a real angel.

9. Jisoo’s body rolls are the main event!

10. Jennie is both cute and sexy while jamming to “Typa Girl.”

11. This video of Rosé singing “On The Ground” changed every BLINK’s life.

12. Imagine being this close to Lisa IRL!

13. Jisoo was overcome with emotion from the special day.

14. Jennie killed this.

15. Rosé looked gorgeous during “Whistle.”

16. Seeing “LALISA” in person is a dream come true.

17. Jisoo knows what she’s doing to fans with this move!

18. Jennie had a blast during soundcheck.

19. Rosé’s vocals are heavenly.

20. Nobody was ready for Lisa’s iconic pole dancing.

21. Wait for the end to see Jisoo’s beautiful IRL aura.

22. Jennie went all out for her rap in “Shut Down.”

23. We can never get over this Rosé.

24. There’s nothing Lisa can’t do!


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