9 BLACKPINK Fan Edits That Predicted The Future By Becoming Reality

#2 actually came to life!

BLINKs keep predicting the future with their iconic edits of the BLACKPINK members. From unique hair colors to concept ideas, these edited photos all eventually came to life. Check out 9 fanmade photos that were manifested into existence below!

1. Jennie’s two-tone hair

A fan once gave Jennie some chunky blonde highlights framing her face.

Fanmade Edit | @jennlizm/Instagram

Soon after, she emerged with the unique hairstyle and popularized the trend!

Real | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

2. Jisoo’s light brown hair and bangs

This edit gave Jisoo rocker vibes with a lighter hairstyle and wispy bangs.

Fanmade Edit | @ILTPINkS/Twitter

It actually came to life a few months later when she showed off the new style — even though it was only temporary!

Real | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

3. Lisa’s wolf cut

Fans were hopeful to one day see Lisa rock this trendy shaggy hairstyle for herself.

Fanmade Edit | @Koonkonrak/Twitter

Just like that, it soon came into existence when she removed her extensions.

Real | BLACKPINK/YouTube

4. Rosé’s pink hair

BLINKs edited photos of Rosé to ditch her usual blonde locks and try a new fun color like bubblegum pink.

Fanmade Edit | @blackpinkcfficial/Instagram

Years later, she rocked a bold shade of pink!

Real | @aquarius_r0211/Twitter

5. Lisa’s cool girl vibes

A fan edited Lisa with this hairstyle and makeup, suited for a magazine shoot.

Fanmade Edit | @1isamanoban/Twitter

It came to life on the cover of ELLE Korea.

Real | ELLE Korea

6. Jennie’s orange hair

Fans wondered how Jennie would look with such a unique and daring color.

Fanmade Edit | lkpdragon2

When she actually decided to dye her hair orange, the results were spot on to what fans imagined!

Real | SpoTV News

7. Lisa’s two-shot with BTS’s V

Seeing Lisa and V work together used to only be a dream for fans of both groups.

Fanmade Edit | @iLisayou_0327/Twitter

However, that dream became a reality when the two Celine ambassadors were invited to Paris Fashion Week!

Real | @harpersbazaarjapan/Instagram

8. Jisoo’s solo edit

Fans created fake posters advertising her solo album long before its announcement.

Fanmade Edit | @teorluw/Instagram

When the official announcement was made, the two posters had the same “flower” concept!

Real | @ygent_official/Twitter

9. Lisa’s charismatic pose

This fake Rolling Stone cover featuring Lisa shows off her super cool aura.

Fanmade Edit | @thnyxxxxx/Instagram

From the hairstyle, to the background, to the pose, it all came true!

Real | @ygent_official/Twitter