10+ Hilarious BLACKPINK Moments That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Try not to laugh at #7. 🤣

Check out these 10+ chaotic and funny moments from BLACKPINK that are bound to make you wheeze!

1. Friends who twerk together, stay together.

2. Every Blink feels like Kuma sometimes.

3. This is the moment when you end up a little too close for comfort with someone!

4. Jisoo is known for trying to balance the bottle on her shoulder…

5. …but did you know she did this?

6. Jennie’s “try not to laugh” face hits right on the funny bone.

7. Just Lisa being ~sneaky~

8. Everyone knows how it feels when the food is just too good and you can’t help but dance.

9. Watch as Jisoo turns into a frightened hamster in the blink of an eye.

10. They are two (strange) peas in a pod!

11. Nom nom.

12. Bubbles can be scary, too.

13. Jennie wasn’t happy about it, but Blinks definitely are!

14. When you just remembered you had an assignment due:


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