6 Times BLACKPINK Impressed Everyone With Their Acting Skills

#2 is iconic.

BLACKPINK may be best known as singers and models, but they’re also great actresses. They’re all-rounders who are full of emotion, and they can make any character their own. Eldest member Jisoo is even acting as the female lead in JTBC‘s Snowdrop later this year.

Check out some of the group’s best acting moments below!

1. When Jisoo starred in KBS’s The Producers

Jisoo is the first member who comes to mind when someone says “acting”. Besides starring in numerous commercials pre-debut, she also made an appearance in KBS‘s The Producers in 2015 where she played an up-and-coming star.

2. When Rosé knew how to cry

Rosé also has great potential in acting as fans noted in BLACKPINK’s music videos. She always seemed to kill it with the crying scenes such as in “Kill This Love”.

She made even more waves on social media with her skills in “Lovesick Girls”, accurately showing a heartbroken woman.

3. When Lisa jumped…but not for joy

Lisa may be most famous for her dancing and rapping, but she’s great at acting as well! She perfectly portrayed a desolate character in their melodic song “Stay”.

4. When Jennie was “Solo”

Besides confidence, BLACKPINK really knows how to exude sadness. Jennie‘s “Solo” music video required her to act like a girl going through a tragedy such as a break-up, something she did well in the entire video.

Who can deny that her sad eyes were the point of every scene?

5. When Jisoo acted in Epik High’s songs

Besides acting in dramas and commercials, Jisoo starred as the lead actress in Epik High‘s “Spoiler + Happen Ending”. She capably showed a woman who was in the happiest and saddest parts of a relationship.

| Official Epik High/YouTube

The 2014 music video was practically made for her!

6. When Rosé was full of emotion in her solo teaser

Last but certainly not least, Rosé released the teaser for her solo debut last January 25.

Though it was less than a minute long, her facial expressions showed off the excruciating pain she experienced to match the “all my love is gone” line.

If all the BLACKPINK members were to venture into acting in the future, they’d kill it!

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram