Which BLACKPINK Instagram Gets The Most Engagement? The Stats Might Surprise You

Highest followers doesn’t mean most engagement.

BLACKPINK‘s members are among Instagram‘s elite, having millions of followers each. Which account has the highest engagement?

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Stats site Socialtracker has tracked the engagement (how many followers actively interact with the content by “liking” and commenting) for BLACKPINK’s accounts over the last 14 days. This data shows which accounts BLINK is interacting with the most right now. Check it out!

4. Lisa

Out of the BLACKPINK members, Lisa currently has the highest number of followers, the second-highest number of posts (811 to Jennie‘s 814) and currently the lowest engagement.

Her engagement is up 0.37% from last week. On Lisa’s account, you’ll find gorgeous selfies, fashionable moments, and more.


3. Rosé

Rosé’s recent engagement percentage is slightly higher than Lisa’s at 11.56%.


Her engagement has increased 0.53% from the previous week. On Instagram, Rosé shares everything from photos of her dog Hank to behind-the-scenes photos from photoshoots.

2. Jennie

With 60.6M followers, Jennie is the second-highest most-followed BLACKPINK member. She has the most posts, 814, and she currently has the second-highest engagement percentage: 12.32%.

Jennie’s engagement is up 0.12%. On Instagram, Jennie loves to keep fans updated on her latest looks, the brands she represents, and what she has been up to.

1. Jisoo

With 54.1M followers, Jisoo ranks third among her members, but she’s the queen of engagement. Her current engagement percentage is 12.35%.

She’s up 0.26% from last week. Jisoo shares moments with friends, her outfits, her travels, and more on Instagram.

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Which BTS Instagram Gets The Most Engagement? The Stats Might Surprise You

Source: Socialtracker