10 Recent Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Made Us Go “Aww” With The Most Endearing Instagram Photos and Videos

#6 is too cute for words.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is the queen of duality! Though she rocks it in cool and sexy concepts, she leans more on the cute side in her everyday life. The following posts of hers on Instagram give fans a glimpse into this precious part of her personality.

Check them out below!

1. Wearing a bunny cap

First up, Jennie made us all squeal when she wore a fuzzy pink cap with bunny ears on her birthday.


2. While pouting ever so slightly

She was also charming when giving the camera a slight pout.

3. While dressed like a bear

The bear cap and brown cardigan that she wore highlighted her youthfulness.

4. In Bangkok, Thailand

The video and photos she uploaded in Bangkok were absolutely adorable!

5. While biting an orange

Her randomness is endearing as well.

6. While riding a scooter

It isn’t possible to look at Jennie here and not go, “Aww.”

7. In the middle of Cologne, Germany

Bundled up Jennie is the sweetest.

8. In a BORN PINK tour stop

Her smile is always biggest when she’s with BLINKs.

9. During a rest day

She’s naturally adorable even in her everyday life.

10. While posing with Lisa

Last but certainly not the least, she and Lisa have the cutest recent shots together!

Source: Instagram


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