All The Compliments That BLACKPINK’s Jennie Gave The Members Of YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group BABYMONSTER

She had something good to say about each one.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie gave her support to YG Entertainment‘s newest girl group, BABYMONSTER, in the first two episodes of their Last Evaluation survival program.


The seven girls were separated into two groups, the former singing Rosé‘s “GONE” and the latter BLACKPINK’s “STAY.” The senior singer gave tips and compliments to them all.

Check them out below!


1. Pharita

First up, Pharita from Thailand was part of the “GONE” team alongside Ahyeon and Ruka. She was the first member to be singled out by the BLACKPINK rapper.

I think the most memorable person was Pharita. I think you sing so, so nicely. Your voice stayed in my mind the most.

— Jennie

2. Ahyeon

Ahyeon was in charge of the most difficult part of the chorus in “GONE,” something that Jennie noticed and praised her for. In fact, she was even considered the trainee with the most skills.

I can see you have the most talent among the members. Your expressions are good too. I think your vocals will improve a lot.

— Jennie

3. Ruka

Lastly for the “GONE” group, Jennie gave Japanese member Ruka pointers to be more confident. Overall, however, she was impressed by her rapping and said she “did well.”

You did well with the rap, but the most important thing for a rapper is: first, confidence; second, confidence; and third is confidence, too

— Jennie


4. Rora

Rora was the apple of Jennie’s eye among the “STAY” team members. She loved the younger singer’s refreshing aura and voice.

You’re so cute! You have this energy that makes others feel good and refreshed. That’s what I felt the whole time watching. That was such a good performance.

— Jennie

She also couldn’t help but proclaim, “How can she be so good at singing?” in the middle of her performance.

5. Asa

Asa was another member who was praised profusely by the BLACKPINK rapper. She had the most confidence and her rap was steady as well.

Asa! Your rapping was really good. Your tone was great and your confidence was there. Your eye contact was great as you walked out, too.

— Jennie

6. Chiquita

13-year old Chiquita was the subject of amazement from the YG Entertainment senior. Jennie noted that despite her young age, she was already incredibly talented.

Chiquita, it’s unbelievable how good you are.

— Jennie

7. Haram

Last but certainly not the least, she was happy to tell Haram that her singing was commendable.

Your vocals were great, too.

— Jennie

Overall, though Jennie noted that BABYMONSTER can still work on connecting with their audience better, they were all “really good.”

Check out the full video below to see her in action!

Source: YouTube