10 Of The Sweetest Interactions Between BLACKPINK’s Jennie And BLINKs

Jennie is a little shy, a lot cute, and overwhelmingly full of love.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is famous for her fierce charisma whenever she’s on stage or slaying another photoshoot, but BLINKs know best that behind her powerful image is a woman with the sweetest heart. A little shy, a lot cute, and overwhelmingly full of love, Jennie’s true nature shines most when she’s interacting with her fellow BLACKPINK members and her fans. These 10 fan interactions prove that just as BLINKs adore Jennie, Jennie also adores BLINKs.

1. A Simple Gift Means The World To Her

What more can a fan wish for than being able to remind Jennie that she’s loved every time she goes to bed or wakes up.



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2. Surprise!!

In Episode 3 of Blackpink House, the girls surprised one lucky fan with cake, and Jennie couldn’t hold back her nerves and excitement the whole time.

3. No Camera Is As Powerful As The Eyes

Sometimes, living in the moment matters more than capturing it.



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4. “Smile!”

Jennie takes time to guarantee fans get the most out of their short time together.

5. Shower Her With All The Love

BLINKs make sure Jennie gets everything she wants.


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6. She Adores Children

Jennie is nothing but respectful to even the youngest of fans.


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7. Gesturing In Tiny

Even with the chaos of the airport, Jennie makes sure to receive all of her fans’ love.

8. Every Gift Is Her Treasure

Jennie is so proud of the gifts she receives from BLINKs that she puts them on display.


những thứ Blink tặng Jennie đều trân trọng ….. #jennie#maayblink#fansign

♬ Lovesick Girls – BLACKPINK

9. “Don’t Cry, I Love You.”

Jennie is the most gentle and kind person ever.

10. BLINKs Are Loud About Their Love For Jennie

Jennie deserves the whole world.


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