Here Are 10 Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Interactions With Fans That You Need To See

#4 shows her real personality.

From her sincere expressions to her kind gestures, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is totally smitten with her fans. Check out 10 of her sweetest moments with lucky fans that will make you super jealous!

1. When a fan told Jennie the weather was hot

Jennie turned her fan towards her without a second thought!

2. When she secretly accepted a gift from a fan

She risked getting in trouble to make her fans happy.

3. This adorable conversation during a fansign and her reaction

  • Fan: “Why do you always wear the same t-shirt?”
  • Jennie: “I do?!”
  • Fan: *nods*
  • Jennie: “Which one?”
  • Fan: “Cute-t (Cutie)”
  • Jennie: *laughs*

4. When she told the staff to let the fan do what she wants

She then cutely placed the headband on Jennie’s head.

5. Listening to everything fans tell her to do

Regardless of how silly it is, she’ll do anything for them!

6. Having the sweetest concert interactions

Is this fan okay after receiving a kiss from Jennie?!

7. Telling fans to go home quickly after a cold event

She’s concerned about them being in the winter weather for her.

8. Her sincere expressions while talking with fans

You can feel how much she genuinely loves them.

9. “Scolding” a fan who is a high school student

She cutely said he should be home studying instead of attending the fansign!

10. Showing off her charisma to fans

She gives them a wink to stop their hearts…but her adorable expression afterwards shows she’s not as nonchalant as she tries to seem!


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