10 Close-ups Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie We Don’t Talk About Enough But Should

Petition for her to save these permanently on her page.

Face it – we all probably spend insane hours stalking the BLACKPINK members’ Instagrams for the major eye-candy. But sad to say, some of the most gorgeous photos slip through our hands given that they are uploaded as stories and not posts. Here are 10 close-up shots of Jennie from her personal account (@jennierubyjane) which should be given their own place in a hallowed hall of fame.

1. Kitty

Jennie’s always been known to resemble a very expensive cat, and this filter proves it right.

2. Debut days

This is an old but gold one closer to their debut days.

3. Moon goddess

We miss Jennie on Michuri!

4. Adidas queen

She rocks the black-and-white sporty look like no other.

5. Bangs

She doesn’t let them loose often enough!

6. Her adorable cheeks

One of Jennie’s trademarks is her mandu cheekies!

7. Super close

Even in an ultra-closeup shot, she looks flawless.

8. Jenchella

Coachella was just iconic for everyone.

9. That neckline

Her 90 degrees, straight shoulders are making us green with envy.

10. Simple is best

Jennie’s looks can shine in any ensemble.

Come on Jennie, don’t be shy! Put these photos up on a fixed highlights reel or as posts so we can bask in your beauty!

Source: Pann