6 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Proved Her Dancing Skills Are On Another Level

#4 is iconic.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is best known for her incredible rap and vocal skills. She can easily transition from spitting verses like a rap goddess to singing high notes in a chorus. Besides these, she’s also a great dancer—and she deserves more praise for this talent!

Check out some moments when her dancing was top-notch below!

1. 2016 Dance Practice

First up, Jennie made sure people paid close attention to her in the first ever video BLACKPINK released as a group. This was none other than their dance cover of Rihanna‘s “B*itch Better Have My Money.”

Jennie had several moments where she was placed in the center and her moves were always powerful.

The Parris Goebel choreography perfectly emphasized her clean dance lines and style.

2. 2020 Dance Practice Video

Jennie surprised fans when she dropped a dance practice video with Simeez. Behind the scenes, we saw her jumping around and having fun with her friend.

In the actual dance video posted on her Instagram account, however, her serious side came out in full force.

Jennie’s dancing was sensual and sexy, and it was obvious that she knew how to move every inch of her body. It was a performance befitting of a top K-Pop idol!

3. Party People

Speaking of sexy choreographies, one of BLACKPINK’s most iconic TV show appearances was in SBS‘s Party People. Besides amazing the audience with her rhythmic rap, she also grabbed everyone’s attention during their performance of Beyoncé‘s “Partition.”

It’s a song with heavy beats, emphasizing every single move of hers.

Her body waves alone made the video one to remember!

4. SOLO Dance Break

Jennie’s solo song is aptly named “SOLO.” It showed off her vocal, rap, and dance skills all at once, with the latter being the highlight in the dance break. She perfectly embodied the feelings of heartbreak and independence throughout the track.

No matter how many times she performed, she always gave it her all. During BLACKPINK’s first ever online concert, THE SHOW, Jennie revealed a new dance break in the remix version of “SOLO” that was even more heart-stopping than usual.

5. Forever Young

No one can ever claim that Jennie can only do sexy dances. “Forever Young” was a cute and upbeat song that showed off her ability to slay different genres.

6. Yoncé

Last but certainly not the least, Jennie was fully captivating in BLACKPINK’s cover of “Yoncé” by Beyoncé. She proved that the sultry and cool concept is her turf, and her ability to own the stage came out in full force throughout the performance.

Jennie may technically be the main rapper of the group, but she’s definitely an accomplished dancer as well!