8 Times We Knew BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was Main Rapper Material For A Reason

Her lyrics are crazy good!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is an incredible rapper and we don’t talk about it enough! She’s officially the main rapper of the group and for good reason.


Check out some of her best rap moments below!

1. Solo Remix

First up, Jennie made an entirely new rap for THE SHOW, BLACKPINK’s first ever online concert. Her lyrics talked about her independence and success in a clever way.

Got a lot of whatever I want, like I could lose two
I don’t need no Ken, I can watch him walk out

— Lyrics of the “SOLO” Remix

She added fun references to her other songs by singing “Hit you with that DDU-DU” (BLACKPINK’s 2018 song “DDU-DU DDU-DU”) and “Ask them how you like and it’s lookin’ like you hate that” (BLACKPINK’s 2020 song “How You Like That”).

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Jennie made sure to thank her fans, BLINKs, in a sly manner with the last two lines of the verse.

Solo, but I got many I could thank
You could see it in my eyes like every time I blink.

— Lyrics of the “SOLO” Remix


Make way for Jennie’s fastest rap! She proved why she’s the main rapper with her incredible technique and immersive style during “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

3. Coachella

Coachella was one of BLACKPINK’s biggest stages. Jennie was brimming with energy when she sang every single verse. She hyped up the crowd of thousands like it was the most natural thing for her to do!

4. Lovesick Girls

What makes “Lovesick Girls” so special is that Jennie officially participated in its making. She helped compose and write the lyrics of the title track and so her rap was extra meaningful.

5. Stay

Jennie can rap in other languages like it’s no big deal! Her English version of “Stay” was perfectly executed from start to finish.

Moreover, thanks to the emotional concept of “Stay,” it was a unique song in her arsenal of hit, upbeat tracks.

6. Whistle

Speaking of being multilingual, Jennie’s rap in “Whistle” is already iconic, but her concert version is somehow even better. In BLACKPINK’s Tokyo Dome tour, she slayed with the English version of her rap.

7. So Hot

Jennie blessed SBS‘s Gayo Daejun with her rhythmic and hypnotic rap during their cover of Wonder Girls‘ “So Hot.”

8. Sure Thing

Finally, we can’t leave out one of Jennie’s best rap performances, BLACKPINK’s cover of “Sure Thing” by Miguel. The sensual R&B song showed off her soulful voice and unbeatable charisma.

It was one of the best examples of Jennie’s and Lisa‘s perfect combination as a rap duo!

One thing’s for sure—Jennie’s the main rapper for a reason.