BLINKs May Have Found The Heartbreaking Inspiration Behind The Lyrics BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wrote For “Lovesick Girls”

It will have you seeing her in a whole new light.

Fans were thrilled that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Jisoo both participated in the lyrics and production of some songs on their latest album, THE ALBUM. However, one particular line from their title track, “Lovesick Girls” caught the eyes of BLINKs.

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Didn’t wanna be a princess, I’m priceless

— Jennie

As Jennie is known to have written the lyrics for her rap in the song, fans have alluded it to the most common reason solo stans and haters both love to criticize her for.

One of the common reasons haters give to justify their dislike for the main rapper, is that she holds the indisputable title of “YG’s Princess”. Although it may not seem to have negative connotations at first, haters use it to indicate the company’s alleged bias towards her.

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BLINKs have concluded that the line Jennie personally wrote for the song was possibly a result of the severe hate she received. Despite her luxurious and princessy image, Jennie is rather down to earth. In fact, Jennie has been constantly sharing about the hardships that the girls faced in the process of training.

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It is always hurtful when one’s hard work and efforts have been undermined. In fact, a bulk of the other songs on THE ALBUM talk about the hate that the girls receive. Unfortunately, the price of fame is as such. Show some love to the girls’ latest bop, “Lovesick Girls” below!